So I order the Jaclyn Hill eye shadow palette by Morphe and I absolutely love it!  The colors are gorgeous and the pigment well let’s just say I am just shocked at what those colors can do. I have to admit I was skeptical.  First off I had never heard of the brand Morphe before and I am not new to beauty world. I just don’t venture out as often as I should I guess.  So my next purchase by Morphe was the 9B – The Blushed Blush palette and wow can I tell you that I’m pretty much hooked on this one for awhile.  The range of colors alone makes this so versatile anyone and I mean anyone can use these. Cannot wait to try all colors in the palette on because admittedly I have stuck with the usual lighter rose or peach tones.  I know know think outside of the box!  Go bold or go home!




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