After a much needed vacation to the beautiful town of South Lake Tahoe I am back and refreshed.  We had a wonderful time and stayed at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel where all the rooms are suites.  We had fun in the sun and enjoyed tons of activities at Heavenly Lake Tahoe including a gondola ride, a hike, and some amazing rope obstacle courses.

So now I am back and ready to get in the swing of things.  That means back to work and back to school for the kids.  Don’t worry though I have found the perfect way to stock up on those snacks that everyone makes one trip for at big boxed stores.  It’s called Boxed and they have everything you need for back to school lunches.  I ordered these Veggie Packs just to see if the kids would like them and boy they have been a hit!  So we have taken them on our road trip and even to the pool where several moms asked me where I bought the individually wrapped veggie straws.  So my random thought today was to share this small secret with all of you.  Now Boxed is slightly more expensive than the big box stores but you don’t have to pay for a membership.  So go ahead and browse the website and the best part is there is an app!


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