Yes yes I am a little obsessed with all of these Fall-Winter collections by some of my favorite brands.  I will do my best to keep posting as I get notified of the upcoming beauty products.  The Giorgio Armani collection  is no exception.  The collection was inspired by the fabric that was part of the Fall/Winter 2015 fashion show in Milan as shown on their website.  Gorgeous colors aren’t they.  This limited palette has a coral blush, three eye shadows, and two brushes.  The blush is probably the most exciting part of this besides it’s packaging.  The eye shadows include a smoky dark grey, another coral darker than the blush and a white highlight.

Then we have the eye tint in amber brown. The claim here is that it transforms from a liquid to a solid so this one will be interesting.  I always have a hard time with cream shadows because it is so hard to blend.  I love using makeup brushes so to me using a wand is a bit of a challenge.

F/W Runway Eye Tint

Black ecstasy mascara  I mean come on the name alone makes me think this stuff is out of this world.

Black Ecstasy Mascara

Last but certainly not least is this beautiful coral lippie creamy and feather light.  Although I usually associate coral with summer when you love makeup and beauty as much as I do all rules go out the window! I mean I wear deep red in the middle of summer!!

F/W Runway Rouge D'Armani Sheer


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