I have an overabundance of fragrance samples that I collect and then think someday I will spray these. I love fragrance samples and always pack them when we go on a vacation big or small.  I mean let’s be honest here who wants to lug a big perfume bottle on their trip. As I was walking to work yesterday it dawned on me that I forgot to spray perfume. In case you don’t know that is a big deal for me as I always smell good (I think). I reached down into my really large handbag hoping to pull out some lotion or anything that smells good.  Now now my natural body odor does not smell bad or anything, I just really love perfume. I finally got my fingers in a pocket that felt like it had a sample in it and low and behold there it was Diptyque Eau Duelle. I sprayed it a couple of times and at first all I could smell was something citrus but then it developed into this smoky vanilla. It became intoxicating and all I could do is smell my arm all day.  This fragrance has been described by some as incense, boozy vanilla, spicy, and sweet.  I would probably agree with all of those but I’m sticking with smoky vanilla.  If you enjoy vanilla scents then this is a must try.  So here is my Diptyque Eau Duelle review. Let me know what you all think of this.

Eau Duelle - Eau de Toilette  Eau de Toilette by Diptyque


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