Currently I have a few products in my morning rotation that are worth mentioning here on the blog.  Two products in particular have become regulars and I am having a hard time parting ways with them.  I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other products out there that will do the trick but for right now I am content.

First things first always always start with a face cream with an SPF.  I have been using the Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection with SPF 50 because I had heard great things about this from multiple sources. If you are oily then this will especially appeal to you since it is matte and not very moisturizing. I love that this has a high SPF and that it blends with some work.  I have a tendency to switch between the Shiseido and La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50 which is also a go-to. My skin seems to have become more and more sensitive and both the Shiseido and the La Roche-Posay do not irritate at all. I always tell my friends and now I am here to tell all of you that it is SUPER important to protect your skin with an SPF everyday. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard “but I am indoors all day” or “I wear a hat”! It does not matter you still get sun exposure and are at risk for sun spots and skin cancer. So once you have found your sunscreen of choice next up is a moisturizer that will prep your skin for make-up. By the way if you have an SPF lotion you love please feel free to share in the comments, I would love to hear about it.

Next up is the famous Embryolisse – Lait Creme Concentre  used models and make-up artists world wide.  Although the packaging may be very plain and boring what is inside is anything but. The cream is super moisturizing so it is perfect as a base for your make-up. Smoothes pores and creates a beautiful canvas for any liquid foundation to be applied. Again this is perfect for sensitive skin and it is Paraben free. At $16 for a 30ml tube that is a pretty good deal and you will not be disappointed with the results. I especially love this when I travel because jet parched skin is no fun. This is an all purpose moisturizer that you should keep in every purse. Once again if you have a go-to moisturizer that you use under your make-up please comment.






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