There are many a nights where I get home from work and all I want is a nice warm Indian dish to come home to.  Instead I make the usual chicken and rice or tacos for dinner.  So I set out to find a do-it-yourself Indian dish that the whole family will enjoy and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to order.  Now I am putting in a disclaimer here because nothing tastes like a homemade dish when you are using anything that comes from a jar but you can come close. I found this sauce by Maya Kaimal which comes pretty close to restaurant style and definitely fills in the void for Indian food on weeknights. My family and I still agree that the best chicken tikka masala is found at a restaurant pretty close to our home. I followed the recipe found here and it was a super easy weeknight dish. I always save some of the chicken before adding the jar just in case a child doesn’t like to experiment and there are plenty of children like that. I only tried the shelf stable indian sauce but I just noticed there is a refrigerated sauce available as well. You can always check to see if anyone near you carries it here. One day I will be adventurous and make the sauce from scratch but until then…Maya Kamail Tikka Masala will do.



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