My latest fragrance review is a classic one by Donatella Versace who is one of the most sophisticated designers out there. I love this Donatella Versace in 24 hours article which takes you through a day in her life. This image of Donatella and her perfume collection just makes me think I am not that crazy for having a very large perfume collection. Her collection is just a display of art and she stands so proudly next to it. So let’s talk about one her most popular fragrances.

In 2006 Versace launched Bright Crystal and ever since then this popular fragrance has been a favorite. The fragrance includes yuzu, pomegranate, peony, magnolia, lotus flower, acajou, vegetal amber, musk and iced accord. The fragrance starts off with the pomegranate and the fruity tones then slowly leads to the floral side and ends with the musk. I smell this subtle plum that evokes memories of a childhood fragrance that I can’t pinpoint.

Photo Courtesy of Versace

The bottle is so luxurious and shows off the pink colored fragrance. The cap is reminiscent of a very large diamond. This fragrance to me feels so airy and young. It is light yet sultry and will waft through the air as you walk by. Versace Bright Crystal is available as an eau de toilette in a rollerball, .34oz, 1oz, 1.7oz, 3oz, and of course body lotion and shower gel.

Hope you enjoy this fragrance as much as I do! Xoxo


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