So I have decided to start a series where I share the best blog posts of the week. I receive hundreds of emails daily and follow hundreds of blogs and watch tons of videos. Why not share that information with you and some of it may or may not interest you but we can give it a shot. So here are the best blog posts this week.

The Best Products for Customizing your Beauty Routine: Mi-Anne Chan talks about 6 products that will make your beauty routine seem like a walk in the park rather than a daunting task.  So read on to find out what those products are.

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Instantly Print Photos From Your Phone: Okay how cool is this!  You can now print pictures from your phone instantly with the Polaroid Zip. It pairs wirelessly with any smartphone or tablet, you download the app and voila! We are so caught up in the moments taking pictures but if you are like me when do you ever print them? Here is your chance. Pretty cool I must say.

How to Maximize Your Workout: After I made one wrong move while I was working out it was clear that my back was having a meltdown. One of the ways to make sure you get the best workout is by stretching. We tend to forget that stretching is an essential part of the workout. I have seen the results myself and you prevent injuries that could come from stiff muscles.


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