My first best blog post was a success! I am an avid blog reader and constantly find posts that I want to share with the world. So I came up with this weekly post called “Best Blog Posts This Week.” I subscribe to tons of blogs and online articles. Here are my top dogs this week. Please comment if you have any cool articles.

The 9 Best Vacation Spots in Mexico: There are so many mainstream places to go to in Mexico including the usual’s like Cancun and Cabo.  What about the places that we don’t hear about as much like Tulum or Zihuatanejo (think The Shawshank Redemption). All very beautiful places to visit and here are the reasons.

Photo Courtesy of Spa Living

Organizing Tips to Tame Your Closet: There are some genius ideas in this article.  Like making use of your corners in the closet.  Who knew all you have to do is put up a corner shelf and there you have it more shoe space (you all know that you need more shoe space). Lastly adding dividers is so key to space saving so whether you add containers or wooden shelves in between either way you add a lot more bang for your buck.

Photo Courtesy of James Ranson

10 Insanely Stunning Halloween Makeup Ideas (Courtesy of Tmblr): Halloween is right around the corner and if you are like me then you wait until the very last minute to throw your costume together.  You know what they say people usually work better under pressure.  I am contemplating which one of these gorgeous looks can be achieved. A ballerina think Black Swan, an Alien, a Scarecrow, or an Ice Queen. Thinking of trying this makeup look out just for the sake of experimenting, I mean everyone has some black glitter laying around.

Photo Courtesy of Bold Lips

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