Tis’ the season for all things apple. Whether your channeling the wonderful Bath and Body Works scents like the Spiced Apple Toddy or maybe you just want your home filled with good ol’ Farmstand Apple. In either case you know Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you are probably already planning your decor and your menu.  I was at my girlfriends house who just so happened to get her hands on a now sold out bottle of this Grandma Tommies Apple Pie Liqueur and let me tell you this is a must have!

I love my wine and my dirty martinis but man oh man is this stuff is delicious. Now I am not one to sip liquor in fact if it’s not a mixer in my drink at a restaurant you won’t find it in my bar but this stuff is divine. The first sip sparked my inner dessert obsession and I was hooked by the slightly spicy, apple cinnamon goodness. I could easily have sipped the entire bottle all to myself but not sure that is what it is intended for. You can read more about this wonderful liquor and Ian Cutler that is sure to come back for the holiday season at our very own Santa Barbara Seasons website.

I truly hope this liquor gets the recognition it deserves because clearly there is some history involved here and we all love a good story!

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