So sorry for neglecting my blog readers for some time during the holidays.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and happy new year to all!  It is that time again when everyone has their New Year’s resolutions, their fitness goals, and what this year will bring them. I love it and it is incredibly motivating to hear what others have set as their goals so by all means please comment as I would love to hear them! It could be anything really a new fitness plan, new books to read, new diet, new business goals, anything at all!

Well without any further delay here are the best blog posts this week and what I have been reading in 2016.

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2016 Pump-Up Guide – 30 REASONS TO GET EXCITED FOR 2016:

Just the highlights of this post will get you excited. Chris Rock is hosting the 88th Annual Academy Awards. Prosecco is the new rose. The Summer Olympics kick off in Rio de Janeiro. Bridget Jones’s baby. All of which are great reasons to be excited about the new year but who can forget Coachella and Stagecoach.

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New Year’s Resolution #1 – Find a Workout You Actually Love:

I cannot tell you how many people ask me what I do for my workouts because they want to try something new. I firmly believe in mixing it up because your body gets used to the same routine and it needs a jolt. I love that this blog post helps you set some goals as those are the key to anything you do whether it is at work, school, or your personal life. Give your workout a chance before you give up. I always say try it for a month and if you don’t see any improvement then you can move on. Read on to for tips on how to find motivation.

6 Non-Awkward Money Talks to Schedule for January:

New year means new finance goals and what better way to start it off right than with these tips. Start talking taxes with your accountant and gather up all of your paperwork. It helps you stay organized when the time comes. Take a look at your monthly bills to see if you can adjust any of them. Most cable companies do adjust especially if they think you will leave. This is the time to start saving for vacations and planning. Find deals online with travel websites and apps like Hopper and Trivago.

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7 Resume Revisions Everyone Should Make: 

In case you are on the hunt for a new job since it is a new year then these tips will help brush up your resume. This article gives you some great ideas on being more specific with skills, using a bullet format, and using power verbs (who knew!). Read on to find out what will make your resume go to the top of the pile.


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