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BioMimetic Labratories is the responsible party for this little gem of a product. The only product that the company launched is the Erasa XEP-30 Extreme Line Lifting and Rejuvenation Concentrate. The goal was to develop synthetic materials that would mimic skins natural substance. We have all been through the ups and downs of finding the right product that delivers in lightening fast speed. Well we also know that as soon as we get our hands on such a product we are like the kid that can’t wait to eat their candy and we slather our faces with whatever potion it is. Then we wait…and wait…and wait. The funny thing is we don’t have the patience to actually wait long enough to see results and then we are off to the next big breakthrough.  Look no more the Erasa XEP-30 has been developed using new neuropeptides coupled with tried and true line smoothers with results shown in just two weeks. You don’t have to take my word for it though you can read through the amazing results here.

It’s no wonder it was featured in Allure as a Best of Beauty Product Winner under the Breakthrough category.  So how exactly does this work you ask? You will need to apply twice a day. Once in the morning after your daily routine but before you put your daytime moisturizer and foundation.  In the evening after you cleanse but before your night time moisturizer. The neuropeptides start working immediately to address all signs of ageing. The smoothing and evening of skintone is immediate. You will notice that the texture of your skin becomes softer, your pores shrink, discoloration begins to fade.

The testimonials don’t lie and here are just some of what people are saying about this breakthrough product. “I keep getting compliments on how good my face looks” and “I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my superficial lines.” Honestly I have to say I am a firm believer in products so if you have any experience with this let me know. I for one am loving what it is doing for my skin. I have been foundation free for almost two weeks which so not like me. Will I ever go back to using foundation well I can’t say no but at least I know that underneath all of it my skin still looks good.



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