What it is: It is a fancy blotting paper except it’s not a paper at all but actually made of the same material as the original beautyblender. It is spongelike and reusable.

How to use: The blotterazzi by beautyblender is actually just a flattened out version of the original beautyblender. It comes in a chic little mirrored compact with two blotting cushions. The pointed end helps to reach the inner corners of your eye or around your nose and in between your eyebrows. It helps to take away all the shine and leave your face smooth and matte the way you looked after you first applied your makeup. The best thing about the sponge is that it doesn’t move any of your makeup so your face will be left just the way it was. I also love the fact that it doesn’t showcase your oil on a piece of paper but rather discreetly hides it in the pores of the sponge. I can’t say it is super discreet since it is flaming hot pink but you get the drift. If I could change one thing about it then it would probably be the color. After all we are trying not to let anyone know that we shine in our T-zones. Hopefully you found this blotterazzi by beautyblender review helpful and you can always give your opinions in the comments.



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