Before you think this is just some rant on how I exercise profusely and eat rice cakes everyday hear me out. I have actually been working out for a very long time however my weight has only fluctuated by about 8 pounds. In the grand scheme of things that is not much. I don’t try the trendy workouts and the newest greatest crash diet (no offense Whole 30) only to fail and be back at square one. My biggest problem is that I love food and if I need to exercise religiously in order to eat cheese and risotto then so be it. I was tired of hearing that I will never lose weight if I eat whatever I want. I say everything in moderation. If you think about it in terms of life then you can see that it actually is the key. Anytime you overdo something you risk losing the value and the purpose.

The more you obsess about something the more you become prone to failure. Once you start using the energy towards multiple things – and we all know how busy you are – the more you forget that you want to look better in that bikini.

So would you rather spend time and energy on the new fad diet that is all the new rave. Or would you rather enjoy life? I would say enjoying life is much easier to do and you can still come home from a long day to one glass of ice cold Sauvignon Blanc. The changes you make in life can be very small but nonetheless very impactful.

I noticed I lost weight without ever even noticing what was happening. I still keep my workouts the same not overdoing it for fear of injury or worse – burnout. I have just incorporated some amazing tips from all of my own experiences and in talking to friends who are very fit.

So here is how I completely changed my body in 3 months!

Take a Hike

Photo Courtesy of The Fashion Spot

Now that we are headed into Spring and Summer walking everywhere is so much easier to do. If you live in a big city like New York or San Francisco walking should be no problem. Bring a pair of flats or flip flops with you to work and walk on your lunch hour even if it has to be just around the block. The fresh air and silent meditation will refresh your mind all while burning calories. If you aren’t into meditation you can bring your music along or chat with a bestie you haven’t spoken to in awhile.

Breakfast of Champions

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Even if you are not the early to rise early to bed type it’s okay you still need to fill up your belly first thing in the morning. I know how busy everyone is but if you don’t fill up with a healthy breakfast in the morning then you compensate for it at every meal thereafter. There are some great healthy breakfast items here so choose one or two and continually rotate them. Trust me you will eat less throughout the day when you eat a healthy filling breakfast. I never believed it until I decided that nothing else was working for me.

Revamp Eating Habits

I have this habit of grabbing a piece or two of chocolate after every meal. I learned that it has become a habit and those become very hard to break. Well everyday I cut out my chocolate slowly starting with after lunch because after breakfast was not an issue (I’m not that crazy, well maybe I am). By the end of the week I had cut out chocolate from one of my meals. The second week was even better no more chocolate unless it was a special occasion.

Green Tea

Photo Courtesy of One Ordinary Day

There are so many stories about how green tea can help you lose weight. I have had a hard time with believing that until now. I started drinking green tea throughout the day and noticed results in the first week. This is only true if you drink at least 6 cups which I know is a lot but hey it’s better than working your butt off at the gym. Oh and try different variations like this one that has mint and lime in it.

Stop Weighing In

I know it’s hard but you have to remember that it is just a number and has no meaning. I have friends that wear the same size but weigh completely different and I am not talking a couple of pounds here. The variation can range anywhere from a couple of pounds up to 10 pounds! One person can have more muscle or their body is proportioned differently. Food and drink intake make it so that our bodies fluctuates weight throughout the day.The morning might read something different than at night. Bottom line stop comparing yourself to others because if you look good and feel good then who really cares! Just like your age right?  Haha


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