Fragrance for some is such a hard thing to find and people always ask me how I go about finding the right scent. They usually ask me that because they like the scent I have chosen. So I have a hard with this one because I like a variety of scents. I love roses, peonies, lily of the valley, musk, ouds, etc. When providing advice on something I always say “well what do you wear now?” Then from there you know that if they love Angel by Thierry Mugler which has patchouli, bergamot and vanilla, then they will probably like Bond No. 9 Nuits De Noho. Bond No. 9 Nuits De Noho has patchouli and vanilla as well so those are two very strong notes that would probably entice one.

The Bond No. 9 website describes the scent as “A new kind of nighttime femininity: Irreverent, unapologetic, favors a shot of icy vodka. A contemporary fruity-floral gourmand skin-scent that’s the ultimate in sexy avant-garde urbanity.” Gourmand yes it definitely resembles a foodie fragrance but I also smell the sophistication. This is a scent you would wear on a first date but you will have to spray lightly because a little goes a long way. You want him to want to eat you all night but not actually know that the reason is because you smell like food. Some would argue that Bond No. 9 has a more woody presence than Angel.

I like this scent for the colder winter days when it’s rainy or windy. I feel like it just brings warmth to me when I get a waft of it. If you get a chance please do stop and smell Bond No. 9 Nuits De Noho which comes in a 100ml for $300 and 50ml for $215, or you can just get the body silk for $125 for 125ml. There is also a candle for $105.

Thanks for reading and please do comment with your favorite scents! Xoxo


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